Nick Pyka

The high-legged footstool by designer Nick Pyka shows in its design language the skilful reduction to the essential. According to traditional craftsmanship, the wooden legs are mortised from the inside and push flush and deliberately visible through the surface. The urban RohDesign seat top's original character is reflected in the traditionally brushed, waxed and, if desired, burnt, oiled or colour-pigmented surface. The edge is hand-hammered with an axe according to traditional craftsmanship. The lively grain with its strong character additionally underlines the design of this handmade stool. Milli stays in the family. The footstool lives through several generations.

Detailed information on the Stool

Stool with flush-fitting 4-leg solid wood frame matching the seat 36 x16 cm in solid wood raw design with strongly crafted wood features. Thickness of the seat 6cm. Solid wood stool with felt glides.

Qualities and dimensions


Traditionally brushed and, if desired, burnt, oiled or pigmented surface. The natural wood features of the RohDesign solid wood tabletop, glued from three planks, are strongly emphasised by hand. Sapwood is removed, while natural features such as swirls in the wood and knotholes are particularly emphasised. Dry cracks are very likely here. Each raw design panel is hand-hammered with an axe according to traditional craftsmanship. RohDesign solid wood qualities are textured brushed and oiled in 2 mm relief depth.


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Care instructions

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